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How I started my Shop?

The whole story :
It was actually an interesting journey. I have been experiencing some negative Health condition myself for years - inflammation, hair thinning - I did blame it on Chemically processed foods and GMOs, so I have changed all my eating habits and only consumed Organic and healthy home made foods. It was helping but my symptoms did not go away ... Years went by when I have finally realized that My skin care products impact my health as much as my food intake. My skin my biggest organ and everything I put on it, will be absorbed into my body. After this realization I have decided to learned how to make my own Skin care products to stay away from all the Harmful Chemicals. In my process of Learning I fell in love with Making all the natural products, These products felt so amazing - so soft and different - Not like anything I have ever tried and bought in the stores before. I felt a need to share them with all my friends & family. Soon this sharing expanded over to my neighbors and even people I have barely known. I was so excited about these amazing natural products. My wish is to make many people happy with my Awesome handmade products and let them Fall in love with it in the same way I did. Wishing for everyone to experience the Beauty & Health benefits of these High quality Natural products. - My products were created with Natural & Organic Oils & Organic Herbs to help with Several Skin Conditions like Oily Skin, Acne prone skin, Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry skin. You will also find a couple of Anti Inflammatory Balms for soar muscles & Arthritis. - I think there is something for everyone in my shop to improve they Health and also to make them Pretty and Happy. Hope my products will bring Health and Happiness to All.

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